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Meet Jack Cartwright, British Regional Crime Author

Hi, I’m Jack Cartwright. I’m a USA Today bestselling author of more than thirty novels under various pen names, and this is my video diary, where I’ll be sharing updates from my latest series, The Wild Fens Murder Mysteries, as well as sharing my thoughts on the books I read.

Right now, I have the first five books written in my new series, the Wild Fens Murder Mysteries, plus a 30,000 word novella which I’m giving away for free. Go to my website, to see how you can get your copy.

I won’t be releasing the series until May due to the extensive editing and proofreading process. I am a seasoned and successful author, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that editing, and proofreading is key to a great reader experience.

A bit about me? Well, I was born in Essex, and spent most of my adult life working and living in the Middle East, where I met my lovely wife. A few years ago, we made the call to come back to the UK, but I was done with the city life. I wanted peace and quiet to write my books, so we settled on a little village in Lincolnshire, and I immediately saw the potential for a new series.

Lincolnshire is vast open country. It’s farmland, and wild fens. It’s big skies and soaring birds. And it’s tiny villages with close communities. For an author writing a British crime series with rich characters and locations, it doesn’t get much better.

By the time May comes around and the first book in the series is launched, I’ll have a total of eight books ready to publish. That’s one per month all the way through to 2023. So if you’re a fan of British crime fiction, and you enjoy getting stuck into a long series, then stay tuned. Like and subscribe to this channel, follow me on Facebook, and if you want a head start, go to my website, and grab your free novella to see how the series kicks off. I’ll be back shortly with more news.

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